League of Legends Getting Chroma Packs for More Skin Variation

Riot Games has announced Chroma Packs for League of Legends, a feature that has made appearances in community requests off and on.

Chroma Packs are basically the recoloring of champions’ skins. While every champion in the game has fantastic skins to look forward to, Riot Games believes that recoloring the present ones allows for a further expression of “style and personality”.

In the early years of League of Legends, there was no diversity in the skins department. Almost every skin was basically a different color of the original one. Chroma Packs, even though set on the same principle, offer a more diverse look of the same skin.

A single Chroma Pack will include three different color variations of the same champion, which will be set on any one of their skins – the basic one included.

Each Pack will be priced at 590 RP. The bundle will also include the champion and the respective skin. In case you don’t own the champion and/or skin, the price of the bundle will be increased to match that.

League of Legends - Chroma Pack 01

Chroma Packs will roll out with the next PBE update. Currently only two are planned for Lucian and Lee Sin, named Lucian Prime and Dragonfist Lee Sin Duel respectively.

For more information, you can check out a comprehensive FAQ set up on the website. In case you have feedback to give, you can head over here and publish it as a comment.