Heroes of the Storm Beta Keys Won’t be Sold After Tomorrow: Blizzard

Have you been able to get a hold on one of the Heroes of the Storm beta keys that Blizzard Entertainment has either been giving away or selling through the Founder’s Pack?

If not, you better hurry up because at least the latter is not going to stay up for sale much longer.

On the official Battle.net website, Blizzard Entertainment gave a shout out for the last chance to buy a beta key for Heroes of the Storm saying “now that we have more ways to obtain beta access than ever before, we’re going to be disabling the ability to purchase the Founder’s Pack and Battle Bundle.” The post continued:

“We’re currently planning to disable Battle Bundle and Founder’s Pack purchases on Tuesday, April 7, but we’ll be sure to post another reminder before that happens. It’s also important to note that players who already own Founder’s Pack will be unaffected by this change; we will simply be removing the ability for new players to purchase this item.”

The option to buy the beta key might be going away tomorrow, but there are other ways of getting your hands on one. For instance you could warp into hte Nexus through Beta Opt-Ins, Invite Your Friends emails, and other key giveaways by the developers.

If you don’t want to trust your luck with those, then the Founder’s Pack is going to set you back by $40, bring you Raynor, Diablo, and Tyrande; Commander Raynor, Lurkablo Diablo, and Blood Elf Tyrande skins; Golden Cyber Wolf mount; and 2500 in-game gold. Of course that is apart from the instant access to Heroes of the Storm beta itself.

So, who’s buying?