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Final Fantasy XV Director Says the Game Will Have Balanced Cut-Scenes

Back in the days of 16-bit games, developers expressed the story of a game with words. Players envisioned the rest and embarked to an epic journey/adventure. I remember games like Contra at the time were really popular and they didn’t use a single second of CGI cutscene to express the story.

As technology progressed, games started to rely more and more on CGI for story telling. Popular franchises like Halo, Gears of War and plenty of others use this technology to tell a compelling story.

However, as gaming hardware grew even stronger developers started to use real-time graphics, QTEs also came in to make us feel more in control during a cutscene.

Gamers have different opinions on control, some say they want CGI footage to see the story unfold, while others prefer real-time graphics. When you think of CGI, Final Fantasy is among the franchises which comes to mind. It has used CGI to tell the story and so far it worked great for it.

But as I said, times are changing and fans are split between those who prefer CGI and those who side with real-time visuals. So how exactly Final Fantasy XV developers are going to express the story this time around? CGI or real-time graphics?

During a recent interview, Final Fantasy Visual director Kazuyuki Ikumori spoke on the matter and said there will be a good balance between CGI and real-time graphics:

I think it’s going to end up being a pretty good balance. It’s going to depend on the story and what we need to get across to tell it. We’re going to try to focus on real time as much as possible, but depending on the story if there are things we cannot express or visualize with real time graphics, like huge armies fighting each other or a world being destroyed, that may not look as good with real time graphics compared to a CGI movie.

He further added:

In those instances, we’re going to look at what is necessary and what we’re trying to invoke in the player. If it’s better to do as a movie or if it is only possible to do as a movie, we’ll go with a CGI movie. If we feel it is better to do real time we’re going to focus on real time. We’re going to try to balance this as much as possible.

Personally, I don’t mind CGI cutscenes as some of the most memorable games have used this. Plus, you can do so much more with CGI then real-time don’t you think?

Final Fantasy XV isn’t dated yet but will be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Let us know of which side are you on, CGI or real-time?