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Dragon’s Dogma Online Alpha Test Will Start From April 20

Dragon's Dogma Online

Capcom has announced the Alpha for Dragon’s Dogma Online. According to the developer, the Alpha will kick-off on April 20th and will be exclusive to Sony’s PlayStation 3.

Interested parties can sign-up tomorrow (April 7), while the chosen ones will be named on April 15, the same day you download the Alpha build. This is a load-test that will run from April 20 to April 28. So you have little over a week to test out the game.

During the alpha, a player can chose to be a hunter, priest, shield mage or fighter. Multiplayer of the game can accommodate four players, while for the Grand Missions, eight players can play together. You will be allowed to play in White Dragon Temple Reeze, Haidel Plain, Bria Coast, and Mythril Forest.

Capcom has promised to share details and facts from the alpha test on May 8.

Along with this alpha, Capcom shared more about two new jobs – Seekers and Sorcerers. Seekers are described as acrobats who can manipulate an enemy’s blind spot by using hit and run tactic. Seekers can attack large enemies from above. Meanwhile, Sorcerers use powerful magic in battle but due to slow casting speeds they must rely on allies for cover.

Dragon’s Dogma Online is heading to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC later this year. The game is exclusive to Japan for now.