Destiny Nightfall, Heroic Weekly Strikes Leaked Online

It is always good when you get to plan ahead of something that is coming your way in a game like Destiny. This is specially the case when you are talking about exceptionally challenging events like the Nightfall and Heroic Strikes.

Reddit user Megamanexe4 has somehow gotten his hands on screen grabs that reveal what the upcoming Nightfall Strike and Heroic Strike is going to bring you.

In the weekly Heroic Strike as well as the weekly Nightfall Strike, you will “confront Valus Ta’aur, Fleet Commander of the Cabal Siege Dancers, before he destroys all of Freehold.”

You will face off in a Fireteam (1-3 players) styled combat with coop play and a PlayStation Plus requirement in the case of Nightfall where as the Heroic will have matchmaking – as expected. Both the strikes are, of course being held at the Meridian Bay on Mars.

However, the Heroic is a level 24 Hard difficulty show down whereas Nightfall is Level 30, Very Hard difficulty. Heroic and Lightswitch modifiers will come to play in Heroic Strike while Nightfall will need Epic, Nightfall, Ligthswitch, Angry and Juggler.

Finally, the rewards of weekly Nightfall strike are unknown but weekly Heroic strike will get you three Strange Coins, Cryptarch Engram, three Vanguard Marks and 150 Vanguard Reputation.

Although the person who leaked these details is a known dataminer, it is still an unofficial source which is why we are going to treat all this as a speculation/ rumor until Destiny developers lift the veil and share official word with us.

If, however, all this is true, what is going to be your game plan against Valus Ta’aur?