Bloodborne’s Miyazaki Reveals His Favorite ‘Souls’ Boss

President of From Software and the creative mind behind Bloodborne, Hidetaka Miyazaki has shared his most favorite and memorable boss from the ‘Souls’ franchise.

There are many unearthly creatures that players have to go through across Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, and Dark Souls II. However, the one that is still very close to Miyazaki is the Old Monk from the original game.

“I’m actually fond of a great many enemies and bosses from each title,” Miyazaki-san told OPM UK. “But let me weed it down to one: the Old Monk.”

He then went on to talk about how it was a difficult task to ‘realize’ the unique idea of the Old Monk. “This boss utilized a unique (and rather experimental) multiplayer system. I remember facing a lot of opposition to realize the idea. I also designed the boss’ head collar myself.”

Bloodborne was released for the PlayStation 4 earlier this month to raving reviews. This is possibly the highest rated game on the PlayStation 4, making it a system seller.

Though it’s debatable how it’s not a genre that many are open to. Nonetheless, if you own Sony’s new console, then you surely have to give it a try. It’s also guaranteed to wash away the bad taste left behind The Order: 1886.

via PSU