Battlefield 4 is Still Outperforming Battlefield Hardline!

What happens when you make a brand new game in a famous game series, add all sorts of graphical as well as gameplay upgrades, introduce new features and still find out that the new title is less popular than the one that came before it?

What happens when you realize that the title that came before also had a rough launch with tons of criticism?

Definitely not something pleasant for the developers who worked day in and day out which in this case, are Visceral Games who just found out that Battlefield 4 is still more popular than the newly released Battlefield Hardline.

This finding was revealed by P-Stats Network who recently surveyed the popularity of last three games in the Battlefield series i.e. Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline.

According to them, the most popular game collaboratively on all platforms in the last seven days was Battlefield 4, followed at number two by Battlefield Hardline.

If we look at the different platforms, on PC the most popular was BF4 and even BF3 was more popular than Hardline! This is almost identical to what the situation is on PlayStation 3.

The scenario is pretty much the opposite in the case of PlayStation 4 where Hardline is the most popular (BF3 was not released to the console) so BF4 has the second rank here.

On Xbox One again, BF4 is more popular (BF3 was not released to the console) and Hardline lags behind at number two. In the case of Xbox 360, BF4 maintains the most popular spot while BF3 and Hardline almost share the second rank.

So what do you think, what is the reason why Battlefield Hardline has not outperformed the other two?