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Mass Effect 4 Development Crosses Another Milestone From Its To-Do-List

BioWare continues to tease everyone with upcoming features and updates for Mass Effect 4. In the latest series of tweets coming from Senior Development Director Chris Wynn, BioWare has successfully finished a key milestone for the new Mass Effect. Wynn however did not reveal as to what this milestone really is.

“Another milestone officially done for Mass Effect. On to the next one!.” Wynn said.

Another developer Jos Hendriks posted about the Mako tank, which has already been confirmed to make a return in the new game. Posting on Twitter, Hendriks said “Ramping off a giant space dune with the Mako at top speed to get some serious airtime is awesome confirmed.”

The Mako will no longer feel clunky in the game, and from this tweet it’s pretty apparent that BioWare has given the vehicle some performance boost for players to have fun while exploring planets.

Most importantly, Hendriks confirmed that the game won’t be releasing for last-generation consoles. The new hardware has allowed BioWare to access more power and break that wall which previously was holding them back.

“It changes the bottleneck of how much power we have to work with. But in my day-to-day, it doesn’t change, really,” he said about working with the new-gen consoles. “With more power comes a bit more freedom for cool stuff to do, sure, but my job is still much the same.”

Mass Effect 4 is assumed to launch next year. This time frame though has not been officially confirmed by neither EA nor BioWare.

via GamingBolt