Halo: The Master Chief Collection – April Update to Bring SWAT and Team Objective Back

343 Industries has offered details for the upcoming April patch for Halo: The Master Chief Collection which includes updates to playlists, the content, and more.

The new patch is going to focus a lot on ranking and title-specific improvements. There are new systems in store for players who have a habit of quitting matches and helping out enemy team members by giving away positions of their own.

Voting options for playlists will be adjusted to improve the mix of BR-start game types. Additionally the developer assured fans that “Team Objective is still on the way, and tentatively scheduled for release in the coming weeks.” Also 343 Industries is looking to bringing SWAT back.

The new update is almost ready and is currently in final “test passes.” It’s confirmed for a release later in the month, but a release date would be announced when 343 Industries is done with successful testing of the patch.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection has come a long way since its shaky launch last year. The game’s online component was a mess and players were not too pleased with being unable to play it online. However, constant updates by 343 Industries has seen to the amendment of many major issues.

The patch notes for April’s update will be released when update goes live later in the month.

Source HaloWayPoint