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Rainbow Six: Siege Gameplay Designer Shares Tips on Operator Pairing

Rainbow Six: Siege is without a doubt among the most anticipated games of the year (if it is coming out this year). The game puts heavy emphasis on team play and strategic combat. Each team will have five members and every single member will play an integral role during the match.

As you know, your team will either be tasked to protect a hostage or keep a person as a hostage. Teamwork is imported so it’s crucial you choose the best operator you can!

So how can you choose the best team? Gameplay Designer Andrew Witts has a few suggestions regarding how operators work best together.

“Mute and Castle (Defenders) work really well together because once everyone spends their wall reinforcement, you’re kind of left wondering how to protect other walls from a breach during that round. Mute’s jammer will prevent all breach charges in a certain radius from going off. So it’s another means of protecting your objective room or certain walls you don’t want to be destroyed. Castle just has the ability to shut down choke points.”

He further said:

“He has a way stronger barricade that he can throw up that’s just like a mini wall. It gives the Defenders one more layer the Attackers will have to try to go through or around. If you put down a Castle barricade and set up Mute’s jammer right next to it, you can’t blow up that barricade. You’re going to have to use Sledge or find a way to disable that jammer in order to take out that Castle barricade.”

He also gave Sledge paired with Thermite as an example and described them as a unique combination. Thermite breaches are very loud and will give away your location on the map.

However, if you use Sledge’s sledgehammer to put a hole in a wall somewhere else at exactly the time as the explosion, the other team won’t even know about it. The blast will mask the hammer noise. This will allow the attacker to sneak behind the barricade.

So the bottom line is, play to each Operator’s strength and use it wisely. For that, you will need to know more about them. Make the right combination and you will have an edge in battle.