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Life is Strange: Episode 2 Has its Flaws, but Leaves You For More

Life is Strange: Episode #1 ended on a high note, bestowing players with everything they desire from an episodic adventure. However, the lengthy breaks between episodes demand that I either replay the game or look for an online walkthrough.

Anyway, Life is Strange: Episode #2 takes players back to school days of the lead protagonist Maxine Caulfield with her newly acquired powers and more serious matters than what she dealt during Episode #1.

The positive side of this episode is that it does not take long to throw Max amidst the on-going action.

Another good thing is that the entire episode is not about Max and watching her come to terms with her time-rewinding powers. As the story begins to unfold, the issue between Kate Marsh and Nathan surfaces which forces Max to make some life-altering decisions.

Without going into spoilers, you can expect to see the true extent of powers at Max’s disposal and watch her pushing the boundaries of her powers to keep everything as normal as possible.

Coming to technical perspective of things, Life is Strange: Episode 2 features some amazing cinematography which lets players soak in the game’s world and appreciate its enthralling scenery. The way some shots are captured is truly remarkable and some scenes appear as good as a Hollywood movie.

Although I do not pay much heed to graphics of games with such strong storylines, I could not help notice that graphics were highly inconsistent from scene to scene and lip-sync did not do much justice to different scenes.

On the positive side, the body language of characters made up for it.

But still during some scenes it feels like the game was originally made in some other language and dubbed for the English-speaking audience. If these minor things do not concern you, you have nothing stopping you from enjoying a remarkable game experience.

Aside from some minor flaws mentioned earlier, Life is Strange: Episode #2 is one of the few episodic games that are meant for everybody.

If you played the first episode and are still wondering whether you should get the second episode or not; this is one fine story-telling experience. I, personally, cannot wait for the third episode from a game which is on its way of becoming a remarkable series.

Did you get a chance to try out Life is Strange: Episode #2, do make sure to share your impressions with us in the Comments Section below.