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It’s Official! Microsoft has Discontinued Kinect for Windows

I have to say Microsoft’s latest move regarding Kinect for Windows was long overdue. Kinect for Windows is no longer a thing. Instead of offering two separate devices to developers, Microsoft has decided to discontinue Kinect for Windows and just offer Kinect for Xbox One on both platforms.

Kinect is a powerful device which has been adapted for more than just video games. Recently, a chiropractor developed an app for Kinect that helped locate joint and motion issues in human body.

Kinect for PC gained notable popularity in different fields, but developers always required two different versions of Kinect – one for working on Xbox One, while the other was for PC.

Now according to a recent post by the company, this will no longer be the case as there will only be one iteration of Kinect sensor which will be compatible with both the Xbox One and Microsoft Windows PC.

Microsoft’s solution to this was as simple as they come. The company will now start offering Kinect Adaptors that will allow users to connect this sensor with PC. The adaptor is compatible with Windows 8.0 and Windows 8.1 but I think it’s safe to say it will also support Windows 10 in the future.

“Microsoft remains committed to Kinect as a development platform on both Xbox and Windows. So while we are no longer producing the Kinect for Windows v2 sensor, we want to assure developers who are currently using it that our support for the Kinect for Windows v2 sensor remains unchanged and that they can continue to use their sensor.”

Kinect Adaptor is available on Microsoft Store.