Hi-Rez Studios is Holding an Alpha Load-Test For Smite on Xbox One

Want to play Smite on Xbox One? Hi-Rez is load-testing Smite on Xbox One on April 4 and April 5th. Those who are going to participate should know that Hi-Rez is unlocking all gods and giving players 600 gems as an incentive to opt-in.

Actually, they aren’t exactly giving these gems to you; they’re more like offering them.

You will have to win your first match in each of the three modes to earn said gems. Each win will give to 100 gems that will add-up to 600 gems if you play on both Saturday and Sunday.

“This Saturday April 4th through Sunday April 5th, players will receive 100 Bonus Gems for each first win of the day both Saturday and Sunday. This means that you can earn up to 300 Gems each day for a total of 600 Gems!”

Also, if you can spare 400 gems you can get Feaster Bunny Bakasura skin on Xbox One. The skin is only available this week.

If due to some reason you can’t participate in the load-test, then don’t worry! Hi-Rez will soon start a beta which you can take part in by signing-up here.

Smite is already available on PC and will soon be available on Xbox One later this year. Check back with us later for more on Smite for Xbox One.