Gotham New Teaser Trailer is All About Edward Nygma

With Gotham returning this Monday, Fox has released a teaser to indulge the show’s fans more into the mysteries of Edward Nygma who later turns out to be The Riddler played by Cory Michael Smith.

The new teaser revolves around Nygma, what to expect from the character this season, and how the things are building up inside of him to mark a change.

We are all guessing that his obsession with Kringle (Chelsea Spack) won’t end well and his little heart break will possibly bring out the notorious character.

The character that starts off sweet, nerdy and socially-awkward/alienated is later engulfed by loneliness, ego, and jealousy. Fans, for being forced into the storyline at times where presence was not even required, have always criticized Nygma’s character.

This seasons looks like giving Nygma a more extensive role along with screen time. His strong presence in the background has perhaps led the producers into focusing more on the villain.

The teaser also elaborates on how the character has evolved over the past season. Whether he emerges as the titular villain by the end of the season or not remains a riddle itself.

Detective James Gordon played by Ben McKenzie and Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue) will accompany Smith. Gotham returns on Apr. 13, 2015 at Fox.