Bloodborne’s Epic Soundtrack Releases on April 21

The complete soundtrack for Bloodborne will be available for purchase on April 21, Sony has announced.

The epic scores for the action role-playing game were only included as part of the Bloodborne Collector’s Edition. Those who were unable to purchase the pricey edition were left out from listen to the soundtrack in their leisure.

That changes on April 21, when the music will be released in both digital and physical format. Digitally, it will be available on Sumthing.com for $10 or $.99 per track. The CD will be priced the same, and maybe of interest for even those owning the Collector’s Edition since they only received a download code for it.

According to the announcement, the album will feature twenty-one tracks that combine to rack up almost seventy minutes. The composers behind the music include Yuka Kitamura (Dark Souls II), Tsukasa Saitoh, and Nobuyoshi Suzuki, in addition to two guest composers: Ryan Amon (Elysium) and Michael Wandmacher (Twisted Metal).

The performances were done by a 65-piece orchestra and a 32-piece choir. The video above offers a behind-the-scenes look at a recording session for one of the songs, “Cleric Beast,” which plays during the game’s first tense boss fight.

Bloodborne is currently available on PlayStation 4.