Simply Games Drops Xbox One Price to £239.99

Those residing in the United Kingdom can now purchase a brand new Xbox One for just £239.99, a whole £100 cheaper, through retailer Simply Games.

This is the lowest price we have seen Microsoft’s console come down to, and is only the latest in a long line of price cuts for the hardware which we have seen from various participating retailers.

According to reports, some Xbox Live members have received emails from Microsoft with the special offer of upgrading to an Xbox One console with Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Evolve, an second controller and a Play & Charge Kit for just £249.99.

It isn’t clear as to how these members were selected by Microsoft for this promotional campaign. There’s no thinking when it comes to offers like these. Those who were lucky enough to get the message should accept the terms pronto.

The Xbox One initially cost £429.99 when it launched in November 2013. Following stiff competition from rival Sony for the PlayStation 4, Microsoft retraced its steps to introduce the Xbox One again, but this time without the then mandatory Kinect device. The newer models come without it and hence are cheaper. Retailers however, are going a step ahead and bringing the prices down even more.

via Video Gamer