New Rainbow Six Siege Gameplay Posted, Closed Alpha Begins Tuesday

IGN has published new gameplay footage for Ubisoft’s upcoming tactical shooter Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege.

The video gives you a fair idea to the importance of teamwork and how coordinating with your squad members will prove vital to achieve any objective in your mission. Most shooting titles nowadays rely on fast-paced action.

Rainbow Six Siege however, is inspired by actual counter terrorist operations across the world, and its serious gameplay is more about planning and execution than simply running in with guns blazing.

A couple of hours ago Ubisoft posted about its upcoming Closed Alpha which will begin on the PC this Tuesday, April 7 at 10:00 AM Eastern and end on Monday, April 13 at 10:00 Eastern.

The developer has made it clear that it wants to improve the game based on critical feedback. There are three things Ubisoft is looking for feedback on. Here’s what to look out for if you’re chosen as a participant in the Alpha testing:

  • Test the core gameplay loops – Siege has reached the point in development where we need your creativity to test the game and validate the experience we’ve been building. It’s still early enough that a lot can change.
  • Test our server infrastructure – Strong online connection and matchmaking is crucial for operating a game as a service. Testing our infrastructure early will help us optimize your experience at launch.
  • General feedback – We’ve been working on this game for a long time, and having fresh pairs of eyes reviewing the experience helps us figure out any problem areas we might have missed.

Rainbow Six Siege is in development for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It’s slated for a release later this year, unless Ubisoft decides to push it forward to make space for The Division.