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One Direction Fans Should Not Worry, You Will Survive This!

Zayn Malik announced on March 25 that he is quitting One Direction for good and he will not be returning. When the news broke out, One Direction fans flooded into tears and buried themselves under piles of rubble, well tissues to be more concise.

All the poor souls are desperate to get Zayn back with the band that they have started a rally of their own with hashtag #LETSBUYONEDIRECTION. Along with a GoFundMe page to raise $877.7M dollars in order to buy the band from Modest Management.

Directioners are definitely headed in the wrong direction, what are they thinking? Raising enough money for what the band is worth will buy them Zayn Malik and One Direction. I am sorry to break it to you guys, but in order to buy a company there are some legal proceedings and the company must be willing to negotiate.

Plus didn’t 1D fans hear Zayn’s first solo ‘I won’t mind’? If it isn’t already clear enough, the poor lad doesn’t want 1D back. And I wouldn’t blame him either for this move, he sounds good in the new demo.

As much as we sympathize with all 1D fans lets be rational here, whatever you guys are trying to do, it won’t work because Zayn has left One Direction for a career as Solo Artist and I’m guessing he’s not coming back.

A little piece of advice for all the directioners out there, if we could survive Ginger Spice leaving Spice Girls so can you.