Game Talk Ep.9 – Extra Shooter Gameplay Edition

Prepare for the longest episode of Game Talk yet? Why is that? There’s no particular good reason, other than getting more direct gameplay footage to go with the discussion.

We try to make the line between telling you about games and showing you as close as possible. This week, we start with a closer look at online store

Recently, announced that they would reform their publishing costs, to allow people who sell games to leave the site with a cut they can afford. This cost can even be reduced to 0%, which is great for developers with financial burdens.

There’s also gameplay out for Steamworld Heist, the successor to the popular Steamworld Dig. In the new project, the scope will switch to turn-based combat with shooter and cover mechanisms the likes of XCOM.

Fans of games like Jet Set Radio should keep an eye out for Hover: Revolt of Gamers, as an Early Access build will launch on Steam soon. That same developer studio seems to be highly inspired by classics, as they are also working on a Final Fantasy-ish clone.

Good news for Sunless Sea, the creepy survival game set in a Victorian sea. It has shot past its best expectations and sold double the amount of copies it predicted. That’s 100,000 units, by the way; impressive stuff.

As in last week’s Game Talk, we return to a theme, switching to shooters this time. We start with Red Awakening, who revealed a bit of gameplay that looks like a bloodier, more neon version of Counter-Strike.

Interstellar Marines also has impressive news, as the game is launching its eSports debut, despite still technically being an Early Access game. Denmark was the first country to feature a modest tournament.

We play some Red Eclipse, since the arena shooter has introduced its 1.5 Aurora Edition with a ton more content than it already had. Red Eclipse is free, so you should definitely give it a try.

Last in our theme, we give you a direct view of Asteroids: Outpost, the strange reboot of the Atari franchise that just dropped on Steam’s Early Access program. Fair warning: Playing is buggy as it gets right now, but it does have an interesting concept that’s worth keeping an eye on.

In approvals on Steam Greenlight, we welcome Descent: Underground, the revival of the free-moving classic shooter. It does, however, still need to achieve a sizable Kickstarter goal.

Let us know if you’ve picked up on some more cool games lately and we might have to show them off in the next Game Talk!