Xenoblade Chronicles X: Three Advanced Classes Revealed

As part of a series of updates, Monolith Soft has today explained the class system for Xenoblade Chronicles X.

The upcoming open-world RPG will allow players to create and customize their own characters using the game’s class system, in accordance to their own style of play. What Weapons and Arts (special attacks) you’ll be able to perform will depend entirely on the class assigned.

Players will start out as a Drifter, a class where you’ll only be able to use Knives and Assault Riffles, and learn a variety of well-balanced Arts. On reaching level ten, players will be given the option of choosing from three of the first tier of advanced classes.

Each class will lead onto a new branch of advanced classes that will be available for unlocking later in the game.

The Assault Class utilizes Longswords and Assault Rifles, and Arts that provide strong attacks and tough defense. It is fit for players who want a well-rounded fighter, and who care for bolstering their Health and Melee Power.

The Command Class makes use of Dual Swords and Dual Guns, and is one of the hardest hitting classes in the game. Players will get a boost to both Melee and Ranged, as well as Evasion when choosing this class. Unlike the Assault Class, players will have little defensive capabilities to hold out in case Evasion fails.

The Forcer Class focuses on learning Ranged Arts, and strengthens Ranged Power and Latenet Ability. The class equips Knives and Rayguns.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is said to feature twelve more classes in its higher tiers. Monolith Soft has for now only revealed three of them. We could see the developer unveiling the other more powerful classes in the coming days.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is slated for a release on April 29 in Japan, exclusively for the Wii U. It will then arrive for other regions later in the year.

Source Monolith Soft