StarCraft II Legacy of the Void Beta Patch 1.0 Notes Released

If you are a StarCraft II fan, you will be looking up what has been changed in the game after the release of Legacy of the Void beta patch 1.0.

Well, look no further, the full patch notes have been released by Blizzard Entertainment and we have listed down some of the prominent changes here. These are the general changes that you will see in the gameplay:

  • Half of the mineral patches have 1500 (same as HotS), and the other half have 750.
  • Vespene Geysers’ max Vespene reduced from 2500 to 1700.
  • Starting worker count increased from 6 to 12 for all races.
  • All races have had the supply contribution of their town hall structures increased.
  • Command Center: Increased from 11 to 15 supply
  • Hatchery: Increased from 2 to 6 supply
  • Nexus: Increased from 10 to 14 supply
  • Unit “Scan Range”
  • Increased for ground units from “5” to a unit’s “Weapon Range + 0.5”.
  • Increases for ground units with upgrades that increase Weapon Range.
  • Game speed altered to match that of real time.
  • Tooltips now match game timer at all speeds.

Similarly, many changes have been made to Terran, Zerg and Protos. For instance, Terran now has Cyclone, a new ranged Factory unit with Lock On ability.

Zerg has got Ravager, which is “a morph off of the Roach which has increased stats and can use Corrosive Bile,” and Lurker, a “tier 2 siege unit that can perform a line-based area of effect ground attack while burrowed.”

Protos received Adept, a “slow-moving harassment unit from the Gateway that can use Psionic Transfer,” as well as Disruptor a “light-mechanical unit from the Robotics Facility that can use Purification Nova.”

All this is apart from the tons of changes that have been made to the existing units of StarCraft II which you can read up on by going to the post at