Pokemon Rumble World Coming to 3DS on April 8 for Free

We had reported on the game titled Pokemon Rumble World as many as two weeks ago when a ratings board has listed the game.

However, the speculations being made at that time suggested that the game was going to be a mobile title because of the simple fact that the day when the rating surfaced and the day when Nintendo announced their mobile game development partnership with DeNA almost coincided.

Now, we have learnt from the officials and corrected ourselves. Pokemon Rumble World is indeed an upcoming. Just that it is not being developed for smartphones, it is a full-on Nintendo 3DS game!

April’s Nintendo Direct also brought forward this confirmation that is going to please many of the Pokemon Rumble fans.

According to Nintendo, the game is going to bring as many as 700 Pokemon including the latest ones from Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

It was also revealed that the game is going to be free to download.

Pokemon Rumble World is going to be released on April 8, 2015. That is just a couple of days away, and if you want something to immediately make up your mind about it, watch the newly released trailer above.