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Payday 2 Devs Not Scared of GTA5 Heists, Battlefield Hardline

We all know how GTA5 is incorporating heists into the game in order to give the players something new, we also know how much of a jump Battlefield Hardline has taken by introducing the same.

However, there is one game that is primarily based around the concept of heists, Payday 2!

So when big guns like Rockstar Games and Visceral Games start making something that you are known for, what would you feel as a developer?

Okay maybe Overkill Sotware itself will have a good answer to this. As far as the game producer Almir Listo is concerned, they are not “scared” of what those two games could possibly do.

He was asked the very same question recently, and his reply was pretty confident:

We’re not in a position any more where we have to be scared. We have our community and we know what they want and this just makes the heists genre more popular. I’m looking forward to GTA Heists on PC and seeing what Hardline has got. From our perspective we just welcome the challenge. Any competition can only make our game better. We will of course play their games and have a lot of fun and we’ll learn from them, what they did good and what they could have done better.

On the question of future games in the series, Listo said that they didn’t want to continue making games one after another, instead they “want to continue pushing out stuff for Payday 2 for those that already bought into it.”

that is indeed a solid plan for as long as those who have already bought it are interested in more content for the same game.

So what do you think, are the developers at Overkill Software getting ahead of themselves on the topic of GTA5 and Hardline? Or do you understand that such a statement is justified?