Next Fire Emblem Gets Trailer, 2016 Release Date

News that the Japanese tactical role playing series Fire Emblem is getting a new game for Nintendo 3DS was originally made public in January 2015 at the month’s Nintendo Direct presentation. Even then, they had shared a trailer but failed to give a specific release date.

Now we are at April’s Nintendo Direct and the next game in the series came up again with a new trailer. However, this time we have been given a release window.

It has been announced that the next Fire Emblem game will be released in 2016. Remember how we reported back in late January that the 2015 release window for the game was not true?

Anyhow, unlike most of the previous games in the series, this one is going to make you in charge of the main protagonist. The story of the game has two perspectives and you will get the choice to select either one. The first is based on the Hoshido kingdom while the other is based on Nohr.

Between the two, you will find that Hoshido presents a traditional style of play which is common to the Fire Emblem series while Nohr will experiment around by giving you unfamiliar and tough path.

Check out the trailer above and tell us what you think.