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Might & Magic Heroes on Consoles Isn’t Recommened by Its Own Team

Might & Magic Heroes series has been around for almost two decades but for the most part, it has been a PC game. If I recall correctly, there were some spin-offs released for PS2 and Gameboy.

Anyways, during a recent interview, Ubisoft was asked if they want to release the game on consoles as well. According to Erwan Le Breton, Creative Director at Ubisoft Paris, Might & Magic Heroes has been discussed for consoles but their own team doesn’t recommend it. Here’s why:

We’ve been discussing a console possibility for a couple of years now. Frankly our own team is not recommending it. We feel it would not be a satisfying console experience. Just porting it would be hard, making a Might & Magic Heroes console version that is designed for consoles would be okay.

From the looks of it, there is a possibility but the game would have to be tailor made for consoles. Ubisoft won’t be satisfied with just a PC to console port.

As for his statement regarding the difficulty to port a PC game, I would have to disagree. When it comes to PS4 and Xbox One, their architecture is so similar to PC that it shouldn’t take more than a few months to port a title.

All I know is fans would love to see this game released on consoles and Ubisoft should seriously consider an installment.

Wouldn’t you like to see Might & Magic Heroes on consoles?