Lost Miniseries LOST: Awakening is Coming Back to Solve Some Mysteries

ABC’s Lost showrunner Carlton Cuse confirmed in a statement that they are ready for a spinoff miniseries titled LOST: Awakening.

Cuse announced that ‘Lost returning’ was something he had in mind for a very long time but how it were to return was the major question. When show’s co-creator J.J. Abrams came to Cuse with this idea he just could not say no as it was the perfect way to unleash the mysteries.

“I always said it was inevitable that LOST could continue in some form but wasn’t always sure that I’d be part of it. But J.J. came up with a very cool idea and I couldn’t resist. It really reignited my passion for the story. We’re not ready yet to reveal exactly how Awakening fits into the LOST canon, and I’m well aware that we’ve got big shoes to fill and a lot of questions to answer. But that’s part of why we’re doing it. ABC was interested in bringing the show back and we’re interested in addressing some of the leftover mysteries and digging deeper into the mythology than we did before. Frankly, a miniseries seemed like the perfect way of doing it.”

Surprisingly enough Damon Lindelof (former showrunner) was not mentioned even once in the confirmation statement. There is a possibility that Lindelof won’t be returning for the spinoff, but we don’t know for sure yet.

The official synopsis of the spinoff says that after the events carried out in LOST, the protector calls upon a group for help and faces intimidating fears.

Lost: Awakening is expected to premiere in Fall 2016, no official air date has been set yet.