League of Legends PBE Update 4/1 Now Available

Riot Games has released PBE update 4/1 for League of Legends. 4/1 including Skin update, Minion Spawn SFX and balances changes.

Players will notice some minor adjustments to Arclight Vayne skin and a slight color change to her bow. These changes came after developers added to new model and texture, new particles, new recall animation and new SFX for Arclight Vayne.

Just recently some new visual effects were added to Minion spawns but at the time no sound effects were included. That has now changed with update 4/1.

Lastly, Evelyn Hate Spike damage is increased to 40/55/70/85/100 from 30/45/60/75/90. Keep in mind that these changes are tentative and are subject to change.

In related League of Legends news, Riot permanently suspended two pro LoL players due to participation in DDoS attacks against fellow players and toxic behavior. One of those players named Nicolaj Jensen has been reinstated. This was due to some policy changes in regarding bans and Permabans.

To make things simple, Riot wants to reform such players rather than punish them. Riot will take players through a review process to judge their in and out of the game behavior.

Each review is holistic and takes into account both in and out of game behavior. Penalized players need to show through their ongoing actions that they have made a genuine and long-term change in their behavior.

You can read more about Riot’s new policy here.