Kingdom Come: Deliverance Delayed to Summer 2016

The curse of games being delayed continue to plague the industry. Warhorse Studios has announced that Kingdom Come: Deliverance is being pushed to Summer of 2016, from its original plans of releasing later this year.

In an update provided by creative director Daniel Vávra, there are several factors that have caused the game to be delayed. Firstly, the team is adding more content to the game than was originally planned. There are about a hundred new quests being included, and ensuring each meets their quality standards is going to require time.

Secondly, there were some technical issues that the team faced during development and these slowed things down a bit. Vávra did not mention or explain as to what these issues were.

However, not all news is gloomy for fans. A new Alpha has been announced to arrive for Kingdom Come: Deliverance in the next three months that will introduce the game’s essential mechanics. This includes, horse mechanics, combat and a new, larger portion of the game world that includes a big new quest.

Following that, Warhorse plans to conduct another Alpha by the end of the year, and after that an official Beta in early 2016. The Beta will feature the starting portion of the game, giving players a good feel of the game.

Warhorse Studios will be making an apperance at E3 this year. We can expect some new reveals and announcements for additional features then.

via OnlySP