GTA V: Patch 1.10 Released to Fix “Graphical Issues”

Rockstar Games has today released a new patch for GTA V, which brings the game up to version 1.10.

The latest update is intended to “address graphical issues across GTA Online and Story Mode,” which were a product of the game’s 1.08 update that left several bugs for the developer to squash.

The bizarre effect of characters swapping faces and races has been rectified. An animation glitch that would be triggered from other players aiming on your screen has been corrected as well.

Finally, Rockstar Games has stated that “graphical issues” on the new consoles have been fixed. It however, does not state as to which issues in general. This leaves it up to players to play the game and report their findings.

The official changelog:

  • Fixes graphical issues on PS4 and Xbox One introduced after Title Update 1.08.
  • Corrects an issue where some players’ character appearances would change periodically
  • Fixes an animation issue where another player aiming on your screen would not play the correct animation

As for the removal of Parallax Occlusion Mapping from the game, some players are saying that it has been fixed. You would know when you update your game and see if the rock textures on the ground are still flat or now give the earlier three-dimensional feel.