From Software President Says Some Bloodborne Enemies are Other Company Presidents

Bloodborne has some of the creepiest enemies you’ll see in modern games. From Software did an amazing job with the game’s art and enemy design. Especially, bosses are unique and really intimidating.

But what exactly was the inspiration behind enemy design? What inspired From Software? You’ll be really surprised to know the answer to these questions.

According to studio president Hidetaka Miyazaki, the enemy design is based on other company presidents. That’s right, through Bloodborne they have depicted these people. I guess Miyazaki sees some company presidents as monsters.

Now I’m president, I get to meet a lot of other company presidents. They’re such weird people. I’m fascinated by them. I use some of them as enemy characters in our games.

It’s actually pretty funny to think some of enemies in Bloodborne are inspired by such people. Well, there are plenty of companies who rip us off every day, maybe it’s time for some payback. Bloodborne is an ambitious game and considering its success and positive reception,  I can see a sequel happening.

What’s interesting is that Bloodborne as a series will most likely stay Sony exclusive. So if From Software decides to develop Dark Souls 3 in the future, how will they differentiate between the two? Bloodborne is identical to Souls games in many ways already.

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