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Fatal Frame Wii U Version Coming to West This Year!

If you have been secretly detested the Japanese audience for being lucky to play the Fatal Frame games while you just sat around watching trailers and praising how awesomely scary they are; buckle up!

Big news just came out of April’s Nintendo Direct; Fatal Frame for Wii U has been confirmed for a release in the west!

These games don’t usually make it to this side of the globe, but seeing how the trends are changing, developers are experimenting and gamers are demanding more, it makes sense that Fatal Frame gets a release in Europe and North America too.

As expected, details on the game were scarce but it is expected that we will be able to get our hands on more of that as the days pass by.

Nevertheless, I don’t expect fans of the series to start pounding with questions on the matter right away; I mean come on, the series is returning to the west after a decade or so, spare some time to let that sink in!

While they did not specifically mention a date of release, it was confirmed that we will be able to play the game sometime later this year.