Destiny House of Wolves Vendor, Crucible Gear Leaked!

It appears that Bungie either didn’t put in enough safeguards to keep prying eyes at bay from the content that is supposed to be hidden or that they don’t mind if we get a glimpse of items and more from the future expansions.

This has been specially common in the case of Destiny House of Wolves expansion where initially a proper list of weapons, armor, misisions and a lot more was leaked. This was followed by another leak that revealed Asteroid Hangout.

Now for the third time, some one has been able to get behind the closed doors – apparently using an in-game glitch – and brought us some more.

The video above shows off the new House of Wolves vendor as well as some Crucible gear!

If you look deeper, these are same items that were leaked previously but Bungie shrugged it off saying that they were just placeholders. Could it be that, or, if they really are placeholders why have they gone thhe lengths with in-game models?

Anyhow, check out the video above and tell us what you think of the new leaks found regarding Destiny House of Wolves expansion pack.

The release date of the said expansion is going to fall somewhere in the second quarter of 2015.