Bloodborne: Here’s How You Can Get Unlimited Blood Echoes After Patch 1.02

In Bloodborne, Blood Echoes play an integral role if you wish to succeed. Blood Echoes will help you level-up and buy items like Blood Vials, Antidots, Silver Bullets and more.

However, collecting them is a pain as you’ll have to kill plenty of enemies to get a decent amount of Echoes. On top of that, if you die before getting back to Hunter’s Dream where you can you use them, all of your Blood Echoes will be lost.

What if I tell you there is a way for you to get unlimited Blood Echoes? The game will surely become hell of a lot easier if you had a healthy supply right?

Thanks to YouTuber

"> kenny stimmel, we have a way for you to get as many Blood Echoes as you want. It all involves reaching back to the place where you started the game. You know, where you were put in front of a beast without a single weapon in your hand.

You’ll have to go through the Forbidden Forest, kill a few caged dogs, climb a set of stairs, kill an octopus like creature and once you’re back to where you started – voila! Blood Echoes rain upon you “Good Hunter.”

Rest assured that this glitch works even after you install patch 1.02 for Bloodborne. So give it a try and let us know if works for you in the comments.