Sunset Overdrive: Dawn of the Rise of the Fallen Machines is the Final Story DLC

The final story DLC pack for Sunset Overdrive is called ‘Dawn of the Rise of the Fallen Machines’ – another tedious title that fits the game in its entirety.

According to the announcement made by Insomniac Games, the DLC will release later today on April 1 and bring an all new story, area, and weapons.

“As an added bonus, Insomniac Games is celebrating April Fools’ Day the only way Fizzie would – with the release of new achievements. The “Worst Job in the Kingdom” achievement is unlocked by replaying and completing the “Floating Garbage” mission within par time (15 minutes) for a whopping 200 gamerscore! Let the pranks begin!”

There’s another achievement hidden in there somewhere, which the developer only teased and asked players to discover for themselves.

Today’s update will also bring various bug fixes and improvements to the game, relating to missions, quests, challenges, chaos squad, and more. You can read through the patch notes by heading over to Insomniac’s website.

Season Pass owners will get access to the DLC for free, while non-holders will be able to purchase the pack for $9.99 through the Xbox Store.

While in the store, you’ll notice that Sunset Overdrive has received a permanent price drop, bringing its price down to $39.99. The price cut is effective starting today, and applies to both retail and digital copies in the U.S.