Run Sackboy Run! Is Now Available on PS Vita

Sackboy is back again! Sony has released Run Sackboy Run! on PlayStation Vita today. To celebrate the occasion, we are also treated with a launch trailer showing this free-to-play platformer in action.

Players can complete different missions and win a ton of different stickers while doing so. The game is being released to promote Little Big Planet series. The last entry in the series was Little Big Planet 3 and during your time with Run Sackboy Run! you can unlock different costumes of LBP 3.

Run Sackboy Run! can be downloaded from PlayStation Store right now. You can also pick it up for Android and iOS devices.

Additionally, you can make your experience of the game even better by downloading some amazing costumes for Run Sackboy Run! The most interesting one is The Order 1886 – Sir Galahad costume for Sackboy. Each costume will cost you $1.99.

It has been a while since PS Vita received a proper Little Big Planet title, I expected Little Big Planet 3 to march its way on the system, but for now I guess Run Sackboy Run! will have to do.

Have you downloaded Run Sackboy Run!? Let us know what you think of it in the comments.