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Next Gears of Wars is Xbox One Only, No Xbox 360 Version

Did you know that the Gears of War franchise a billion dollar rich now? If you combine the sales generated from the 22 million copies sold by the four games in the series, that is the sum you get.

With such a massive potential and the dedicated community that the game has, who wouldn’t want another game.

So the first thing Microsoft did after buying the franchise from Epic Games was to task Black Tusk Studios with the next project in the series.

They have been working on it for a while now, but so far it wasn’t officially stated as to which platforms the next Gears of War will be released on.

Now I am not saying that I am surprised, but it has been confirmed by Black Tusk Studios’ Jack Felling – who is also working on the said game – that you are not going to get an Xbox 360 version.

When the next game in the series hits the racks, it will be an Xbox One title.

Felling did not say anything bout a PC version of the game, but there is a possibility that he kept quiet on that because he wasn’t asked about it.

Seeing the trend in the industry these days and how they always referred to the project as the Xbox One Gears of War, it was already expected that the good old Xbox 360 will be ignored.

Eager to know more about the project? Keep an eye out for E3 2015 because we have a feeling there will be a reveal of some sorts at the conference.

What would you like to see in the next Gears of War title?