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Hearthstone Arena Having Connectivity Issues, Developers Are Looking Into It

Hearthstone Arena is having connectivity issues according to a recent tweet from its official account on twitter. However, developers are working towards a solution.

Part of finding a solution is disabling the Arena:

We’ll let you know if any updates are shared regarding the fix.

The issue started just around the time Hearthstone’s latest patch went live. The patch was released in preparation of Blackrock Mountain, which goes live tomorrow (April 2). In addition to that, there were a host of fixes made to the game. Here are some highlights:

  • Friends that are Away on the App will no longer be displayed in your online friend count.
  • We’ve nailed the game board to the table: Spells that create screen shaking effects should no longer get your screen stuck in a bad position.
  • Warsong Commander will now give charge to minions summoned by other minions—charge forward!
  • Bane of Doom can now summon any collectible demons. Doom . . . DOOM!
  • Sylvanas will no longer steal a minion that is about to die, which is weird because that’s generally her thing.
  • Vol’jin will no longer kill itself if the only other minion in play is stealthed.
  • Minions that are spawned from a Deathrattle are now targetable sooner. This will affect the Slime from Sludge
  • Belcher, as well as the spawns from Harvest Golem and the Shredders.
  • General bug fixes and UI improvements.

You can know more about the patch here.