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Halo Championship Series Season 2 Schedule, Seeding, Prize, Points and More

Halo Championship Series Season 2 is upon us. The events start is a couple of days from now at Atlanta, Georgia.

A very detailed post on the official Halowaypoint website has explained everything that you need to know about the upcoming Halo Championship Series Season 2:

Over the past few months, we’ve been working with our partners, team organizations and players, and more to improve the HCS. In Season 2 alone, we’ll be giving out over $250,000 by increasing prize pools to all online cups, all LAN events and the Season 2 Finals. We’re also adding Forge maps to the map pool, updating roster rules, simplifying the points structure, and adding a brand new element to online cups: The Legendary Bracket.

As far as the online cup prize pool is concerned thy have increased the figures to these:

  • 1st – $1,500
  • 2nd – $1,000
  • 3rd – $500

They have also shared the schedule in the form of an image that you can see in the gallery below alongside the cup format, the Preseason and Iron Games HCS Atlanta seeding and the HCS points table.

Some new changes have also been made to the terms that you will need to follow. The three prominent ones that 343 Industries listed are:

  • Any team with a roster of 4 or 5 that loses a player or drops a player will not lose their points.
  • A player can only be added to a roster during a transfer period.
  • The amount of transfer periods has been increased from two to three.

The official website of Halo has more details on the Halo Championship Series Season 2, we suggest you check it out for further details.