H1Z1 Will Add Cannibalism, But With Significant Limitations

Daybreak Game Company recently posted its April Roadmap for H1Z1, revealing that it plans to add cannibalism to the survival sandbox MMO title.

Initially, players will be allowed to harvest meat from human corpses the same way they are able to do from animal corpses. With future updates though, the developer plans to add other elements that will bring some significant risks to the act.

These risks will be in the form of transfer of the H1Z1 virus, nausea that will prevent players from eating any food or drink water for an extended duration, and addition to human meat where players will no longer be able to eat any other type of food to survive.

With the addition factor, players will still be able to eat animal meat but the energy returns will be significantly lowered, making the option not too appealing.

These however, are not going to be the only limitations to cannibalism. The H1Z1 team might dream up of other risks as the game progresses.

The idea of players being able to harvest meat from human corpses was not met well with a portion of the community. Many were vocal about it on the game’s sub-Redit, as they believe it will only lead to players targeting other players just for meat.

In a recent interview with Ten Ton Hammer, game designers Jimmy Whisenhunt and Kris Roberts said that the idea is a viable mechanic in a survival game. The mixed reception was expected by the team, and that is why they are going to place limitations to the act.

“We also expect some negative responses from people outside the player-base, but hey – we’re making a PvP zombie-survival game, if cannibalism bothers you, you’re probably playing the wrong game.”

Do you think the risk factors being placed for cannibalism are enough?