Driveclub MotorStorm Buggy Trailer Shows off What’s Coming

You guys have wished for it for a while now, and Evolution Studios is finally delivering – and I also mean that in terms of the game’s quality these days.

However, the story in question is about the MotorStorm buggies that are coming to Driveclub. A new video was released by the developers featuring one of MotorStorm buggies in the game.

This is not the first footage of a buggy for Driveclub though, couple of days ago a gameplay video had surfaced online showing off the same. You can watch it here.

In the comments section of the same Facebook post where the trailer was revealed, someone asked the age old question fans of Driveclub have been repeating on every forum, when is the free version of the game coming. The reply from the developers was the same as ever:

We are still developing and preparing the servers to make the PS+ Edition possible. We’ll have more news about this soon.

Well, we might not know about the PS Plus version, but MotorStorm buggies are coming. In fact the one in the video above is reaching today i.e. April 1.

Okay I know what you are getting at, it is April Fools day and it could be a prank but don’t worry this one isn’t. The DLC has been officially dated for April 1 – what a choice of release days.