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Bloodborne Patch 1.02 is Now Live, Fixes Lunarium Key Bug

Fans of Bloodborne, who were stuck with a bug or two in the game until yesterday, will be happy to know that From Software was not planning an April Fools Day prank all night. In fact, they were working on a new update titled Patch 1.02.

In turn this has eliminated one specific progression related bug.

The patch notes are not too long so we will just give them all to you. There are only two major points, one refers randomly to “bug fixes” without going into any details as to which bug fixes have been fixed and which are pending.

However, the second point in the patch notes refers to the Lunarium Key and confirms that the bug attached to it, which didn’t let users obtain the key, has now been resolved:

Fixes the issue of not being able to obtain the “Lunarium Key” once the user partakes in online multiplayer as a co-operative guest by using the “Small Resonant Bell” or as a hostile guest buy using the “Sinister Resonant Bell” in the area, “Forbidden Woods.”

For those of you who have not reached the point where they need the Lunarium Key in Bloodborne, let me tell you that it opens up a door that leads to a boss fight with Rom, The Vacuous Spider in Byrgenwerth.

If you don’t have the key, you can not get to the boss and naturally, you are unable to beat him.

Not everyone experienced the said bug in Bloodborne though; for instance, when compiling our

" target="_blank">walkthrough video for the boss fight in question we didn’t have any trouble getting our hands on it.

Sadly, the update has nothing to fix the long loading times, but hey I am sure they are working on it.