Bioware Releases an Open Source Version of Orbit

Bioware has released an open source version of Orbit. The platform is described as the “next-generation” of online technology which is Java Framework, helping in development of secure, stable and scalable online services.

For some time now, Bioware has been incorporating this technology is their workflow. However, this is the first time the technology is being open-sourced.

Speaking about this initiative, Bioware’s Joe Hegarty said:

When we were unable to find a framework that met our needs it seemed obvious to us that other people must be facing the same problem and also deciding to build that technology in-house. It therefore made sense to us that Orbit was somewhere we could make a contribution that would be useful to others.

An early version of Orbit was built during the development of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Bioware later found out that they need to further develop this framework to match their needs.

Hegarty added:

This was the motivation to build the framework that ultimately became the second iteration of Orbit and it is this version that we have now released as an open source project.

The previous iteration of Orbit played a key role in Inquisition and Dragon Age Keep; but Bioware’s plans for Orbit are much more “ambitious” now.

Bioware is working with the development community to make Orbit even better. Future Bioware games will surely benefit from this.

You can give your feedback to Bioware regarding Orbit, over at the official website.