Advanced Warfare Xbox One Content Downloads Not Working

Did you try to download any thing for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare on your Xbox One recently and failed? Reports suggest that it could be due to a backend issue that Microsoft is facing.

Apparently, there are Xbox One users who have bought the map pack but are unable to download it on their consoles. Instead, the bug asks them to pay for the Ascendance DLC which just came out even though the players already own the Season Pass.

The Xbox Live service status support page has confirmed that they are having some issues but also assured that they are being worked on.

As of now, Microsoft is working with their partner, Activision, to get rid of the problems that are stopping Xbox One users from downloading in-game content for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. Here’s an excerpt from the support page:

We’re aware of the issue and working with our partner to find a fix. Thanks for your patience while we get it sorted out!

Deja vu anyone?

This has happened before! When the first map pack for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare was released last year, some owners of the Season Pass complained that they were unable to get the AE4 Widowmaker Rifle. Back then it had taken them a couple of weeks to rid Xbox Live of the issue.

Lets just hope that this time it is different.

If you are wondering what does Ascendance DLC bring to the game, we suggest you check out the details here or a trailer here to get a preview of the content.

We will update as soon as Microsoft or Activision confirm that they have fixed the issue.