Vin Diesel Teases Fans With Furious 8

By   /   Mar 31, 2015

Vin Diesel has hinted fans with a possibility of Fast and Furious’ eighth installment on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this Monday.

The star was on the show to promote Furious 7 hitting cinemas this Friday; he teased fans about Furious 8, how it will connect to the previous parts and where it will take place.

Kurt Russell who joined the cast for Furious 7 will play a much bigger and extensive character in the ‘maybe’ upcoming installment. He also added that Furious 8 would take the cast to New York where Russell’s character will be in the spotlight.

“You know I always think of these films multiple pictures in advance, I think of them as trilogies. We really hired him because of a story that follows us, that takes place in New York.”

Diesel explained that in a meeting with Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s creator, Diesel asked Zuckerberg to do a bit of a work on his Facebook page. “I said I wanted to take some of the spam off my page.”

During the meeting Zuckerberg said, “I want another ‘XXX,’” Diesel after consideration decided that it was just one person who told him upfront what he wants there might be more people who would enjoy a sequel to his athlete-turned spy movie.

Although he has not yet confirmed it but he hinted (again) that, there might be another ‘XXX’. The 2002 original movie revolved around Xander Cage (Vin Diesel), who apparently died at the end of XXX: State of the Union. Now that the star is planning to make a sequel, Cage might still be alive somewhere out there.

Fast and Furious 7 premieres this Friday April 3.

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