The Sims Players Confess to the Worst They Have Done in the Game

By   /   Mar 31, 2015

So what kind of a game is The Sims? Life simulation, where you create people who eat, work, earn, love, grow and make a happy family – wouldn’t that be your first idea of it if you were a newbie?

Well, it would but once you get acquainted with the levels of weird stuff you can do when playing, it might get a little too dark. Not as dark as “Hatred” but it would be pretty fu*ked up in context of the game itself.

Apparently, people do a lot of bad things in it and someone decided to start something that we could call The Sims confessions over at Reddit.

The result? User who started the thread added this to the post: “I know a few therapists you guys might be interested in, you need them apparently.”

So yeah, you know where this is going.

For starters there was a guy who would literally make a painting golbin and sort of imprison him. He would make a Sim who is an art lover with “morbidly obese with green skin” put him in a basement with no stairs, give him the basic amnesties and wait until he can churn out paintings that can be sold for amazing value.

Then there is this guy who is dating death, literally. He killed a lot of people and eventually death showed up – he made friends with it and he “managed to get a ‘heat of the moment’ kiss in on him after a few ‘accidental’ deaths.” He event took a picture of the intimate scene (see above).

Another player killed entire families by putting a house on fire until there were so many tombstones that the place was a complete graveyard. He then built a church, moved in a priest and let him left him to tend for the ground. Sadly, the ghosts of the dead didn’t let him have a good night’s sleep and he died in a couple of days.

Someone else is trying to bring the whole city over to his house and one by one lock them up in a room with no doors – simply to cherish how they keep saying goodbye and die.

Those are just a few, there are many more of them – even bleaker maybe – if you have that sort of a mind, go here and tell us which one of The Sims players are the most wretched at mind.

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