Rainbow Six: Siege Gameplay Stream Shows New Maps, Gameplay Tactics

By   /   Mar 31, 2015

Rainbow Six: Siege gameplay stream was recently held on twitch, showing new maps and gameplay tactics. The video is from a closed alpha so keep in mind that several aspects may not be the same upon release.

Up until now, we only saw 5v5 action in a suburban house, where a female hostage was being held. This is the first time we are shown what looks like a mansion. During the match, you must make sure you don’t injure the hostage. If that happens, the hostage will bleed out and die.

Gameplay is the same across all maps, two teams of five members face each other. One team is holding the hostage while the other tries to free him/her.

The second map we are shown is the coolest of them all. We are taken to the Presidential Plane, where probably the hostage is the president himself.

Mansion, house or plane, the only thing you must be careful of is your approach. You go in too strong and die early, it will cost your team as there are no respawns.

So far, Rainbow Six Siege looks great but I would like to know if this is the only mode we play. I mean saving a hostage over and over on different maps will become repetitive. What is Ubisoft doing to mix things up? We don’t know yet but hopefully, we’ll be given a range of different and unique modes.

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