Plays.Tv Launched By Raptr, Share Your Game Clips Online

By   /   Mar 31, 2015

The best way to understand Plays.Tv, a new platform by Raptr is to consider it as an Instagram for gamers. The website will allow players to capture 20 second long clips of their favorite gaming moments and share them with friends.

The service is released by Raptr and has already raised $14 million in funding from current and new investors. Unlike streaming services like twitch, Plays.Tv is targeted towards users who like to upload short game clips to share their achievements or entertain other users.

According to Dennis Fong, the chief executive of Raptr: “It’s like Instagram for gamers. We make capturing those moments as easy as taking a screenshot.”

Gamers often upload funny clips on YouTube but people who want to see such stuff find it hard to locate. That’s where Plays.Tv comes in.

Fong added:

“With Twitch, it’s like television. You sit back and watch for hours at a time. We’re not that. We’re the opposite end of the spectrum.”

Fong noted that only 1.5 million users stream their gameplay on Twitch, while the user base of this platform stands at 100 million. He believes that average gamer, isn’t interested in streaming.

I’m not a performer or entertainer who will ramble on for three hours,” Fong said. “But there are parts of my gaming life I want to memorialize, like playing Bloodborne and getting my butt handed to me over and over. I want people to empathize with me that it’s really hard.

He thinks most of us don’t have the skill to entertain people. The majority wants to be entertained and Plays.Tv provides it.

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