Next Nintendo Direct Confirmed for April 1

By   /   Mar 31, 2015

Earlier reports of the next Nintendo Direct Broadcast to take place on April 1 have now been confirmed through the Japanese YouTube channel of the company. An ongoing countdown to the broadcast confirms that the initial reports were not an attempt at pulling an April Fool’s joke.

The stream will go live on April 1 at 3pm Pacific / 6pm Eastern / 11pm UK / midnight CET.

According to the official Nintendo of America Twitter account, this broadcast will focus on upcoming 3DS and Wii U titles. It has also been confirmed that the North American broadcast will have a Nintendo Treehouse stream after the main event, while the European broadcast will have the region’s President – Satoru Shibata – hosting segments specific to the territory.

The recent announcement of The Legend of Zelda being delayed on the Wii U was a big disappointment for fans. The delay wasn’t even in terms of a couple of months. The game is now pushed into next year.

No doubt, this broadcast will have Nintendo reminding its consumers that there are other attractions for 2015. However, I feel that losing Zelda this year has in turn lost a lot of charm for Wii U players. We’ll see how Nintendo does with its new broadcast later this week.

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