Next Devil May Cry Game, Creating New IPs Discussed by Ninja Theory

By   /   Mar 31, 2015

Devil May Cry fans are out there in large numbers, but for some reason a sequel has not been made or confirmed by the developers or the publishers.

Dominic Matthews the Product Development Manager at developer Ninja Theory was recently talking about the IP when he shared some unsatisfying news.

If you were looking forward to hear some news regarding another Devil May Cry title from Ninja Theory, sadly they are not the ones you should be focusing on, it is Capcom.

Matthews has confirmed that they are not working on anything related to the series and that it is for Capcom to decide:

We’re not working on anything else DmC related nor is anything planned. Devil May Cry is Capcom’s IP, so whether they draw a line under DmC is up to them.

Well, I guess we should find a way to make Capcom understand that a sequel is as good an idea as any!

He also expressed his concerns and shed some light on how introducing a new IP, like all of us want the developers to do, is not a walk in the park – and a chance that few are willing to take:

It is very difficult to create a new IP in the AAA market right now; The sheer number of players that a $60 game has to be sold to in order to be justified means that only the safest of bets will be placed by publishers. Players want more creativity in their games, more genres and more new IP but the reality is that an established IP comes with an audience whereas a new IP has to build one from scratch. New AAA IP has to be backed to a phenomenal level to stand a chance and there aren’t many publishers willing to do that in the current market

Well, he is right if you ask me, with the resources and funds required to erect a new IP, it is a risk knowing that all could go in vain.

Do you agree?

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