Lords of the Fallen 2: Deck13 Removed From Development by CI Games

By   /   Mar 31, 2015

Another Dark Souls like title’s sequel, Lords of the Fallen 2 has been in development for over three months now. It has been known since the mid of December that publisher CI Games INteractive had struck a deal with Deck13, the developers of the original title for development of the sequel as well.

However, it appears that things have gone south between the two parties.

According to a press release issued by the publisher, the contract between them and the developers has been terminated on the grounds of “improper performance” on art of Deck13.

Since they are Polish, and I am no good at understanding that language, the details on the matter are scarce. It is nonetheless confirmed that they will not be working on Lords of the Fallen 2 any more.

One other thing that we were able to siphon out of the translations suggests that the game might be developed in-house at CI Games Interactive.

It makes you wonder how much of a setback will this bring to the development, but I doubt it would be much. When the game was revealed back in December, Deck13 had said that they were only looking at the concept and vision for the game. Naturally, a full throttle developmental phase was to follow.

It is now expected that Lords of the Fallen 2 will not be able to make it to the markets any time sooner than 2017.

We have reached out to CI Games as well as Deck13 for a comment, but you will have to check back again for that.

Do you think that the removal of Deck13 will have an adverse effect on the game or you are glad that they are going with a new team this time? Shout out in the comments below.

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